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X86 Data Centre Interconnect

Unlock the doorway to unparalleled Data Centre Interconnect connectivity, extending beyond Malaysia to elevate your global presence seamlessly.

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Interconnected to the most data centre.

High resiliency and low latency network.

Bandwidth up to multiple 100 Gbps.

Extensive Data Centre coverage.

Our Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) solutions are designed to elevate your connectivity experience, providing seamless communication between data centres, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and unmatched performance.

Our Expertise

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What Is Data Centre Interconnect?

Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) refers to the technology and infrastructure that connects multiple data centres to enable seamless communication and data transfer between them. It plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient and secure connectivity, particularly in today's digital landscape where businesses often rely on multiple data centres for redundancy, scalability, and disaster recovery.

Globally Connected

High performance, scalable and secure connectivity to the leading cloud and network providers across global regions.

Extensive Coverage

Our Data Centre Interconnect provides up to 100 Gbps of connectivity to over 100 data centres across the globe.

Proactive Monitoring

Our networks are independently monitored 24/7 and automatically alerts our NOC immediately for any incident event.

Explore Our Connectivity Services

Our suite of connectivity services is designed to empower your organization, ensuring seamless communication, reliability, and performance.

Discover the array of services that can elevate your digital experience.

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Data Centre Interconnect

X86 Network's DCI spans globally, linking 100+ PoPs, activating seamlessly within one business day.

Global Ethernet &

Internet Extend Services

X86 Global Ethernet ensure seamless worldwide connectivity, enabling efficient global communication and collaboration.

Dedicated Internet Access

X86 Network provides dedicated internet access with a low-latency, engineered network for superior connectivity.

Data Centre Co-location

Data Centre Co-location offers businesses a secure and efficient infrastructure for housing servers and equipment.

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