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X86 Network 24H | X86 Network Sdn Bhd

24/7 Customer Support

Highly qualified & experienced support engineer manning our 24/7/365 operations. Our support structure also includes a customer portal to monitor your services, keeping you informed on your network’s status, availability, and performance.

X86 Network SLA | X86 Network Sdn Bhd

SLA Up To 99.9%

Our Self-healing infrastructure ensures a highly resilient, highly reliable service for your mission-critical infrastructure all year long.

X86 Network Awards | X86 Network Sdn Bhd

Committed To Quality

We are committed to best practice and providing our customers & partners with consistent performance and value, paired with the highest quality services.

X86 Network Policy | X86 Network Sdn Bhd

Flexible Contract Management

We promote flexibility in contract management, fostering collaboration, and decomposing rigid contract terms and conditions.

X86 Network Consult | X86 Network Sdn Bhd

Free Consultation

We welcome you to share with us your problem and issues that needed to be addressed on your network infrastructure.

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