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Why us?

X86 Network is an expert in providing connectivity solutions with a deep understanding of clients' needs and offers beyond connectivity solutions.

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Connectivity solutions

Ever had massive network issues like long downtimes? Crush problems early by detecting them before they become massive headaches! With our connectivity solutions, monitor your network by tracking performance metrics. [ Sign up for a package with us today! ]

DCI & Global Ethernet

Keep your important network & server infrastructure going! Scale-up with our Data Center Interconnect; DCI & Global Ethernet Services! With our extensive network coverage of over 100 Data Centers worldwide, build up your businesses with our self-healing, low-latency, incredibly robust network infrastructure. This fully managed service provides you with reliable communication worldwide. With this package […]

24/7 Customer support

Sign up & get 24/7 customer support from us, 365 days of the year. The scariest part about running an online business your website going offline or becoming inaccessible. One reason can be networking issues. Extended downtimes can eat into your profits and damage your reputation. Having a reliable networking partner can fix that. Keep […]

Flexible Contracts

Contracts can be a big pain. Which is why our contracts are flexible. Our business practices promote flexibility in our contract management to foster better collaboration while reducing and removing rigid and tight contract terms and conditions! Sign up with us today and get reliable connectivity packages tailored to your business needs.